Software Engineer

Acroname actively works with some of the world's largest companies to develop embedded control systems. We make those same systems available to individual consumers and researchers. All of our customers count on the reliability, massive scalability and agility our products bring to their systems. The software and firmware behind the hardware is instrumental in this trust, and we're looking to expand our software team.

While we take our products and customer needs seriously, we are a small and uniquely Boulder business. All of our coworkers have lives outside of work, and we pride ourselves on not taking things too seriously. More important than matching the skills below, you must fit into the groove of the Acroname-culture.

As a software engineer at Acroname, you'll join a small, quick moving team building tools based on decades of experience; think of us as a very seasoned start up. You get freedom to move things where you think they should go, while not having to start from nothing. Your weekly work will include maintaining or extending operational tools, writing GUI applications to demo products to our customers, holding our customer's hands in integrating our products into their systems, optimizing our production test software, consulting on new product hardware designs, arguing over vi vs emacs vs vim vs Xcode.

We may be small, but chances are that our products have been used to manufacture something you own.

What you'll do:

  • join and be a significant contributing member of our software team
  • maintain and develop internal software and tools
  • extend and refine automated build and continuous integration system (Jenkins)
  • publish C, C++ application code written in multiple IDE environments and/or multiple OS's
  • develop customer facing applications show casing our products
  • work with customers to aid in integrating our products into their processes
  • document protocols, interfaces and user-level examples
  • maintain and develop our code-based document generation system
  • write product specific firmware based on our BrainStem system

Key skills:

  • despises all OSes equally, but insists on cross platform feature parity
  • hard wired muscle memory in any particular environment
  • but you aren't tied to a particular development environment or religion
  • reads C and C++ code and starts from what's there
  • recognizes the not-invented-here syndrome, but has been previously inoculated against it
  • recognizes that open-source solutions can be useful, but know when to write some code
  • writes maintainable and cross platform C, C++
  • develops public and internal APIs
  • able to architect large software and hardware systems
  • experience developing code generation and parser systems

Key traits:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • Other degrees acceptable with relevant work experience
  • 3-5 years of production programming experience
  • willingness to jump in and solve any problem
  • able to travel for business, including international travel (~25%)
  • extremely self-driven, but knows when to ask questions
  • sense of humor; we only do this because we want to

Bonus points:

  • consumer product development experience
  • can point out electrical schematic errors to the hardware guy
  • experience with ARM microcontrollers
  • FPGA experience
  • a wicked cool vimrc file
  • has done the polar bear plunge 10 years running
  • server administration (Linux, CentOS, Mac OS X)
  • rides a bike to work because cars were cool in the 80's
  • SQL (postgreSQL) database administration
  • wrote a better Arduino loader because the other one bugged you (it's just a Java app after all)
  • wrote a TCP/IP or BlueTooth stack from scratch

What you get:

  • moderated glory
  • full benefits (and an RTD pass)
  • $70-100k/yr


Who: Acroname Inc.
What: awesome coding for awesome products
When: immediate and permanent
Why: because we need more hands typing good code
Where: Boulder, CO (Local candidates strongly preferred; relocation possible for the right candidate)
How: Send your resume to