BrainStem 2.2.0 Released

2016 January 13

BrainStem 2.2.0 is now released!

The 2.2 release incorporates a number of stability and usability improvements into
both firmware and the software api. There are two compatibility issues that users need to be aware of when transitioning to version 2.2. 

  • First legacy tools like aUpdater and aStemTool will no longer operate with hardware that has been upgraded to the 2.2 release. There is a new firmware update tool available with the version 2.2.
  • Second, there was a change to the C++ API. This shift switched API calls from pass by reference to pass by pointer, where variables passed in are modified as a side effect of the call. Existing projects which incorporate the BrainStem2 library will need to be recompiled to address this change.

Release 2.2 and Drivers

With release 2.2, BrainStem users no longer need to install drivers on any of our supported platforms. Windows 7 users will still need to Update the device driver software for their BrainStem devices, via the BrainStem.inf file that we provide. 

BrainStem 2.2.0 Features and Release Notes

  • BrainStem C++ API updates.
  • Firmware extensions for Windows WinUSB support.
  • New Updater command line tool.
  • 64bit python wheel for Windows machines.
  • stability enhancements and bug fixes for MTM Modules.
  • Packet traffic logging for Debugging.
  • Extended linkspec to include model information.
  • Full “Driverless” support on Windows through WinUSB drivers.
  • MTMIOSerial switched to use cmdUSB, from cmdMUX