Production Manager

Acroname is expanding our operations team to meet the needs of increasing product demand.

The Production Manager needs to have experience with product life cycle (PLC) management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) including component procurement, contract manufacturing and inventory control. This position will report to our COO to coordinate production of Acroname’s line of products, streamline our inventory management system, reduce production cost, and maintain the high level of quality that Acroname’s customers expect.


  • experience with electrical component sourcing and/or component engineering
  • experience in setting up and using PLC and ERP management systems
  • wizard-level Excel skills are required
  • extraordinary attention to detail and ability to juggle many concurrent projects
  • exceptional organization and documentation skills


  • coordinate and plan production of Acroname products
  • source and appropriate inventory for electronic components
  • manage vendors and suppliers to ensure component pipelines align with demand projections
  • solicit and manage bids (RFQs) for PCBs and PCBAs from contract manufacturers
  • manage product cycles from planning, build, IQC, test, assembly to sale
  • work with COO to continually reduce procurement and manufacturing costs
  • maintain production and inventory projections
  • work with hardware engineers to identify and qualify alternate components as needed
  • work with COO to improve overall operations company wide


  • US Citizenship is required (sorry, our customers require this)
  • BS in Industrial Engineering (BSIE), Electrical Engineer (BSEE), computer science (BSCS) or related is helpful but not required
  • other degrees acceptable with relevant work experience
  • 5+ years of production or operations management experience
  • if you just graduated college, this job isn't for you
  • seriously, this is not an entry level position
  • willingness to jump in and solve any problem
  • extremely self-driven, but knows when to ask questions
  • serious about providing a quality product to our awesome customers
  • sense of humor; we only do this because we want to
  • willing to ask questions when you don’t get something and provide suggestions when you think you have a better way of doing things
  • enjoy working with others both inside and outside of the company


  • annoyingly persistent in balancing your checkbook; keeping track of 0201 resistors by the boat load means you’ll be working with lots of numbers
  • has gone through ISO 9001 initiation
  • can smell a good contract manufacturer through the phone
  • knows why people use SAP and why they shouldn’t
  • thinks 26.2 is just a warm-up
  • hasn’t skied down the 1st Flatiron yet, but winter is coming


  • moderated glory
  • full benefits (and an RTD bus pass)
  • salary (duh)
  • potential stock and option grants
  • retirement funding


Who: Acroname, Inc.
What: awesome operational chops to make awesome products
When: immediate and permanent
Why: because you're awesome, we're awesome and together our products will be awesome
Where: Boulder, CO (Local candidates strongly preferred; relocation not paid)
How: Send your resume to


Acroname operates a profitable business designing, manufacturing and distributing custom hardware products used to create some of the world's most popular consumer devices and automobiles. Acroname continually interacts with some of the biggest and best consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. All of our customers count on the reliability, massive scalability and agility our products bring to their systems. The operations behind parts procurement, manufacturing capacity, assembly tracking, and relationships with our vendors and contract manufacturers are all critical to Acroname’s success. We’re hiring to expand the capabilities of our operations team to meet the needs of increasing Acroname product demand.

While we take our products and customer needs seriously, we are a small and uniquely Boulder business. All of our coworkers have lives outside of work, and we pride ourselves on not taking things too seriously. Not to say we don't work hard; there can be serious crunch times.

As a team member at Acroname, you'll join a small, quick moving group shipping unique products based on decades of experience; think of us as a really old start-up. You get freedom to move things where you think they should go, while not having to start from nothing. Your weekly work will include submitting RFQs to find high quality and economical contract manufacturers to assemble our products, kitting components for our assemblies, tracking inventory coming in and out of our facilities, working with our hardware engineers to make sure component choices are available in quantity, and assisting our COO with projections so that we always have product in stock to ship to meet customer demand.

We are a small company with a highly energetic work environment; more importantly than matching the skills above, you must fit into the groove of the Acroname-culture.