Acroname BrainStem EtherStem close up
Massively networked microcontrollers with embedded or remote code made easy. Read More
Acroname MTM modules
MTM: Modular Manufacturing Test System
Acroname's MTM system is a robust, extensible, inexpensive, modular system for medium to high volume manufacturing test automation. Read More
Acroname Symonym Point Cloud Disaster City
Symonym Technology
Symonym is the tool for visualizing, simulating and testing electromechanical and dynamic systems in a physics based environment. Read More
Acroname Mobile Diagnostic System
Mobile Diagnostics System
A system for monitoring user activity and battery load on a mobile device. Read More
Acroname Lightweight Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV)
Lightweight Reconnaissance Vehicle goes from prototype to programmable product. Read More
Test Automation Control
Control boards based on BrainStem technology are used in manufacturing test automation and control systems for board level test (BLT) including in-circuit test (ICT) and functional circuit test (FCT). Read More