BrainStem Platform

Acroname’s BrainStem technology is a foundational tool for bridging the gap between hardware and software systems.

What is BrainStem?

What makes the BrainStem platform unique and exciting? Get an overview.

Explore your module’s capabilities With StemTool.

New Hardware? See what is included in the box, and how to quickly get connected to your new hardware. Find out about links and your hardware’s I/O capabilities.

Are you up-to-date?

Is your hardware running the latest firmware? Learn how to take advantage of new features or make sure you don’t get bitten by any nasty bugs. Also learn how to easily update your modules using aUpdater.

Hello World Reflex

Get started writing Reflex code for your BrainStem module. This tutorial will introduct you to the basics of the Reflex language and how to load and enable your reflex with aStemStoreTool.

Hello World C++

Now that you’ve seen the world of Reflex, Say hello to the C++ API. This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of writing a C++ application that communicates with your module to say hello.

Next Steps

BrainStem Terminology

Read up about why we call it what we call it.

Reflex Language Reference

Explore the reflex programming language, and the advantages of enabling basic behaviors on your BrainStem devices.

C++ API Reference

Create rich host based applications using the C++ BrainStem API.

Python API Reference

Create rich host based applications using the Python BrainStem API.

C API Reference

Dig into the lower level C API for more control, or to extend BrainStem to your favorite language.