Source code for brainstem.version

# Copyright (c) 2018 Acroname Inc. - All Rights Reserved
# This file is part of the BrainStem (tm) package which is released under MIT.
# See file LICENSE or go to for full license details.

""" Provides version access utilities. """

from . import _BS_C, ffi

[docs]def get_version_string(packed_version=None): """ Returns the library version as a string args: packed_version (int(Optional)): If version is provided, it is unpacked and presented as the version string. Most useful for printing the firmware version currently installed on a module. """ if not packed_version: return 'Brainstem library version: ' + str(ffi.string(_BS_C.aVersion_GetString())) else: return 'Brainstem version: %d.%d.%d' % unpack_version(packed_version)
[docs]def unpack_version(packed_version): """ Returns the library version as a 3-tuple (major, minor, patch) args: packed_version (int(Optional)): The packed version number. """ major = _BS_C.aVersion_ParseMajor(packed_version) minor = _BS_C.aVersion_ParseMinor(packed_version) patch = _BS_C.aVersion_ParsePatch(packed_version) return major, minor, patch