Keywords in the Reflex Language

The Reflex language has a couple of keywords with special meaning. The word reflex is used to declare reflexes. The pad keyword is used in the declaration of pad variables. Other than these two keywords, many of the language keywords share semantics with the same keyword in the ANSI C language.


reflex pad asm
if else for
while do switch
case return char
int short unsigned
signed continue break

Keyword EBNF

keyword ::=  'reflex' | 'pad' | 'asm' | 'if' | 'else' | 'for' | 'while' | 'do'
             | 'switch' | 'case' | 'return' | 'char' | 'int' | 'short'
             | 'unsigned' | 'signed' | 'continue' | 'break' ;