group aTime

Basic Time procedures Sleep and Get process tics.

aTime.h provides a platform independent interface for millisecond sleep, and for getting process tics.

unsigned long aTime_GetMSTicks(void)

Get the current tick count in milliseconds.

This call returns a number of milliseconds. Depending on the platform, this can be the number of milliseconds since the last boot, or from the epoc start. As such, this call should not be used as an external reference clock. It is accurate when used as a differential, i.e. internal, measurement only.


unsigned long number of milliseconds elapsed.

aErr aTime_MSSleep(const unsigned long msTime)

Sleep the current process for msTime milliseconds.

Sleeps the current process. This is not an active sleep, there are no signals which will “wake” the process.


msTime – Milliseconds to sleep.

Return values:
  • aErrNone – The call returned successfully.

  • aErrUnknown – Um unknown what went wrong.


Function returns aErr values.