USB Drivers

Acroname has removed the need for kernel drivers for BrainStem devices across all of the platforms that we support. There is no longer a need to install drivers. However, both Linux and Windows 7 have steps that ar required to allow BrainStem devices to work properly.

Mac OS X

On Mac OSX there are no installation procedures required.

Linux Ubuntu

Acroname is currently building and testing with Ubuntu 14.04LTS, on these systems users must run a script to properly set ownership and permissions for BrainStem devices. The script is located within the brainstem_linux_driverless folder, and is called

$> cd /path/to/brainstem_linux_driverless
$> ./


Executing the commands within requires sudo privileges. You will be prompted for your login password when you execute the script. Once you execute the script, you may have to log out and back in.

Windows 7 USB Driverless Installation

On the Windows 7 OS an installation is required to allow BrainStem devices to be recognized by the system. BrainStem devices use the Microsoft provided WinUSB device drivers to communicate with the brainstem. On Windows 7 operating systems the WinUSB driver is not installed automatically. On more modern versions of Windows newer that 7 this process is automatic and BrainStem devices need no install.

There is a windows_driver_installation.pdf within the Drivers folder of the Brainstem development kit, and HubTool downloads that describes the process for installing the WinUSB Driver on Windows 7 OS.