Legacy Support

Previous Acroname USB products made use of the USB Entity for measurements, configuration and control; however, the USBHub3c aims to organize these capabilities in a cleaner fashion through the use of the all new Port and USBSystem Entities.

In efforts to ease this transition we have added Legacy support to the USBHub3c by implementing limited USB Entity functionally. The following functions of the USB Entity will still behave as they did in previous Acroname USB products.


stem.usb.setPortEnable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setPortDisable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]


stem.usb.setPowerEnable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setPowerDisable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]


stem.usb.getPortVoltage(channel, μV) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]


stem.usb.getPortCurrent(channel, μA) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.getPortCurrentLimit(channel, μA) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setPortCurrentLimit(channel, μA) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]


stem.usb.setDataEnable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setDataDisable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setHiSpeedDataEnable(channel [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setHiSpeedDataDisable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setSuperSpeedDataEnable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setSuperSpeedDataDisable(channel) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setCC1Enable(channel, enable) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.getCC1Enable(channel, enable) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.setCC2Enable(channel, enable) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]

stem.usb.getCC2Enable(channel, enable) [cpp] [python] [NET] [LabVIEW]