The MTM-DAQ-2 module, part of Acroname’s Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) instrumentation series, is a modular, software-controlled analog data acquisition (DAQ) module, designed for precision measurements of analog voltages in manufacturing or R&D test.

The MTM-DAQ-2 has 14 channels of differential bi-polar analog inputs with individually adjustable ranges.

Precision voltage measurements can be made through the powerful and cross-platform BrainStem API.

The MTM-DAQ-2 is optimized specifically for precision analog measurement of voltages for sensor and current-sense (through shunt resistors) applications in high-throughput manufacturing test environments.

To get up to speed with the MTM DAQ-2 and quickly learn about its functionality follow the quick start guide. Have a look at the basic example or dive into the Programming interface of the MTM Power Module for a more in depth view.