The MTM-Load-1, part of Acroname’s Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system, is a single-channel software-controlled electronic load for automated functional testing in production or validation test environments.

With it’s ultra-small footprint, MTM-Load-1 is the load you need for lean, miniaturized production testing. MTM-Load-1 is ideal for load-testing of battery chargers, amplifiers, USB power outputs or motor driver circuits.

Each MTM-Load-1 can dissipate a DC load of 50W continuous power up to 30V or 10A and features constant-current operation. Multiple MTM-Load-1 modules can be used in parallel for higher demand load applications.

To get up to speed with the MTM Load and quickly learn about its functionality follow the quick start guide. Have a look at the basic example or dive into the Programming interface of the MTM Power Module for a more in depth view.