The MTM-PM-1, part of Acroname’s Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system, is a modular power supply designed for powering devices during manufacturing or R&D testing. The MTM-PM-1 is a one-channel software controlled, voltage and current limiting power supply. While it can provide stable, consistent and robust power to a wide range of devices, it is optimized for devices using LiPo or similar batteries; in particular, it excels at powering devices needing stable power under large transient loads, such as cellular radios (GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, etc.). Accurate voltage, temperature and current measurements can be made through the powerful and cross platform BrainStem API.

To get up to speed with the MTM Power Module and quickly learn about its functionality follow the quick start guide. Have a look at the basic example or dive into the Programming interface of the MTM Power Module for a more in depth view.