As part of Acroname’s MTM series, the MTM-IO-Serial module is a key component to manufacturing test systems for electronic devices using a standard USB 2.0 interface, serial UARTs and one or more interface voltages. The MTM-IO-Serial module features a software controlled USB hub (USB 2.0 high-speed) with four controllable channels. Each channel has switched data and 500mA current-limited power lines. With dedicated USB downstream and upstream channels, MTM-IO-Serial modules can scale with simple PCB daisy-chaining; only one cable needed to connect up to 100 devices.

The module also provides four high speed serial UART interfaces which require no specialized driver or kernel extensions.

To get up to speed with the MTM IO-Serial and quickly learn about its functionality follow the quick start guide. Have a look at the basic example or dive into the Programming interface of the MTM Power Module for a more in depth view.