The MTM EtherStem is a BrainStem link module and part of Acroname’s Manufacturing Test Module (MTM) system. It allows a TCP/IP based Ethernet connection to a host PC which may be used for test direction, control and data collection. It may also be used to load reflex programs to MTM or BrainStem modules for PC-free operation.

This module provides a TCP/IP Ethernet link to a host PC or network for test automation control and data collection. Using this link and the BrainStem API, any host based application can interact with a device under test, other MTM module(s), test station hardware and custom peripherals, as well as log and store data from a test.

To get up to speed with the MTM EtherStem and quickly learn about its functionality follow the quick start guide. Have a look at the basic example or dive into the Programming interface of the MTM Power Module for a more in depth view.