Command LineΒΆ

For headless servers, starting as a system service, or as part of a larger solution, BrainD may be directly run from a command line, without the use of the taskbar GUI application.

The list of command line arguments may be found with the --help argument:

$ braind_service --help
BrainD Version 1.0.0
Service providing a REST interface to Acroname BrainStem devices

Application Usage:
braind_service [-f <filename>]... [-d <json object>]

-h, --help                 - Show full help message
-v, --version              - Show version information
-f, --config-file <file>   - Specifies any additional configuration files
                            that override the default setting. May be
                            specified multiple times for multiple files.
-d, --config-data <json>   - JSON Object containing configuration to
                            override the default settings

The -f flag is used to specify an additional configuration file that will be read, and this may be specified multiple times.

The -d flag allows a JSON configuration object to be passed directly to the service, which will take priority over all configuration files.

The details of the configuration is documented in Configuration.