BrainD is a server application that provides simultaneous multi-client access and control to Acroname devices connected to a host computer. Connected devices can be accessed without drivers via any intranet or internet connection, including tunneling over VPNs. Using a standard HTTP request interface, BrainD serves a RESTFul API that provides telemetry and status information on the entire USB tree. BrainD builds upon decades of experience from successfully deploying complex test and measurement systems, conference room solutions, and artificially intelligent robotic applications.

Functionality and Features

  1. Full remote control of an Acroname device.

  2. Telemetry and status information on the host computer’s entire usb tree.

  3. Simultaneous access from multiple client devices.

  4. Extends Acroname’s Brainstem protocol, the shared core of all Acroname products.

  5. Convenient JSON response format.

  6. Mirrors the existing Brainstem interface providing users a new, convenient way to control their devices.

Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions

  1. Peripheral Management: BrainD can efficiently handle USB peripherals such as microphones, cameras, and speakers.

  2. Enhanced Quality: Proper management of USB devices can lead to improved audio and video quality during conferences. BrainD can highlight bandwidth allocation and ensure that devices and installations work optimally.

  3. Remote Diagnostics: Troubleshooting issues with connected devices becomes more straightforward with BrainD by providing diagnostic information and assisting in resolving technical problems remotely.

Test and Measurement Applications

  1. Flexibility: The ability to dynamically add or remove devices based on specific testing needs enhances flexibility. Engineers can adapt their setups quickly and efficiently, responding to changing requirements without significant disruptions.

  2. Data Logging and Analysis: BrainD can facilitate real-time data logging and analysis, allowing research, development, and quality control applications to monitor measurements, perform in-depth analysis, and visualize results conveniently.