ControlRoom is a service and web application that lets you control, monitor, and reset USB ports in connected conference rooms through a browser. ControlRoom gives a real-time view of your system’s connected USB devices for easy troubleshooting and to ensure correct installation. Remotely resolve issues that would normally require a physical unplug / plug cycle.

Features and Functions

  • Visualize the USB tree in a browser in real-time

  • Create device layout recipes via snapshots

  • Compare the current device layout to a loaded snapshot

  • View device status including:

    • Device connection speed

    • Custom devices names

    • Troubleshooting information

  • Control Acroname device functions including:

    • Downstream port toggle, simulating a device unplug / plug cycle

    • Upstream port swap

    • Upstream port selection mode

    • Save settings to non-volatile storage

    • Remote Acroname device reset