Port Control


The Port control panels represent each connected Acroname device, providing detailed control and information per port.


Editable Acroname device name – click the pencil icon to change the friendly name, click device save to store the change to the device internal memory. Default – product family name

Serial number – unique to the Acroname device

Upstream port selection – toggle to enable manual or auto (lowest port number priority) host port selection. In manual mode, the upstream port can be selected directly by clicking the dark blue port name buttons

Port name – name of Acroname device port. Default – numerical value of port

Device class icon – unique for each device class

Port toggle – independently enables and disables each port. Up = on

USB device speed – nominal device connection speed

USB MFG / device name – manufacturer and device name descriptors

Device save – stores changes to the hub friendly name and port enabled / disabled toggles. Saved changes will persist through power cycles

Device reset – reboots the Acroname device, temporarily disconnecting and reconnecting all connected USB devices

Port Details Expanded


Expanded port view with details

Click the USB device icon to expand each port view for realtime details:

  • Current

  • Voltage

  • Power

  • Serial number

  • Vendor and Product ID

  • Actual and maximum USB speeds

  • Device manufacturer and device name

  • Cable information (if advertised):

    • Cable current max

    • Cable voltage max

    • Cable speed max

    • Cable orientation

    • Cable type