Independently control VBus and data connections on each port of the USBHub3+

More control than just on and off

Enable and disable VBus, all Data, High Speed or Super Speed connections

In addition to turning ports on and off, the USBHub3+ can also independently enable and disable Voltage and Data:

Acroname driving loads with high power

Driving Loads with High Power

One common task in designing and building automation systems is logic circuitry interfacing to high power loads.  Read article.  

Acroname Linearizing Sharp IR Ranger Data

Linearizing Sharp Ranger Data

An example of converting the non-linear voltage output of a Sharp analog infrared range finder into a usable distance measurement using only integer math.  Read article.


SHARP INFRARED SENSORS: Avoid obstacles and sense motions

Comparison of effective ranges, sensitivity and angle of view for Sharp infrared (IR) ranger and range finders. Theory of operation of infrared range finders.  Read article.

Acroname Back EMF Motion Feedback

Back-EMF Motion Feedback

An article describing the use of voltage generated by a spinning motor to conclude the speed of the motor's rotation. Read Article.

Acroname description of pulse width modulation

Description of Pulse Width Modulation

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) refers to the concept of rapidly pulsing a digital signal on a wire. Amongst many other uses, it can be used to simulate a varying static voltage. PWM is commonly used for driving motors, heaters, LEDs or lights in varying intensities or speeds.  Read Article

Acroname Hokuyo Laser Range Finder Comparison

Hokuyo Laser Range Finder Comparison

Acroname tests the UTM-30LX-EW, UST-10LX, and the URG-04LX-UG01 both indoors and out comparing their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Read Article.