USBHub2x4 Industrial Intelligent 4-port Hi-Speed USB Hub (USB 2.0)

  • 4 Port Programmable USB Hub Switch with Individual Port Control
  • USBHub2x4 Programmable USB Hub
  • S77 USB Hub Dimentions
The USBHub2x4 is a 4-port software-programmable 480Mbps (USB 2.0) hub that is designed for demanding industrial environments where advanced control and monitoring of USB ports is required. This is very useful in testing or development environments where standard “always-on” behavior of a consumer-grade USB hub is not desirable.

Software control of the USBHub2x4 is established and maintained over one of the two available hostfacing ports.

The USBHub2x4 can be used to enable/disable individual USB ports, measure current or voltage on downstream USB ports, set programmable current limits, set USB charging protocol behavior and otherwise automate USB port behaviors in development and testing.

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