USBHub3c: USB Type-C Hub with Power Delivery Analyzer + Tester

  • USBHub3c Programmable Industrial USB-C Hub
  • USBHub3c Pro Edition Back
The world’s first and only industrial programmable USB-C Tester, Analyzer, and Hub gives developers the tools to validate, control, and test the limits of devices built on the Power Delivery (USB-PD) and USB specification.

Designed for mobile devices test labs, USB-PD validation testing, USB-C device production testing, end-of-line battery charge, and for the testing of dual role data (DRD) and dual role power (DRP) devices

Software-controlled for USB-PD parameters, connectivity options, real-time measurements, complete USB data, and Type-C Power Delivery (PD) testing


Pro model shipping in limited quantities.
Lab model shipping 2021Q3. Pre-order now.