BrainStem Development Kit

Brainstem Development Kit 2.10.6

This download includes:

  • HubTool application
  • C/C++ Library
  • Python Module
  • .NET Library (MS Windows only)
  • LabVIEW Library (MS Windows only)
  • Example Code for all Libraries
  • Firmware update tool
  • Arc compiler

The Python Library is also available for download on PyPI

BrainStem Release 2.10

September 29, 2023

The BrainStem 2.10.0 release adds "aEther"; A client-server mode that provides
synchronization across multiple threads, processes and computers.

In most cases users will not be affected by the changes in the 2.10.x release with
a few exceptions listed in the detailed release notes; however, it is always 
recommended to match the Major and Minor of firmware to software.

Windows users: This release includes new dependencies which will affect your 
deployment process if you are linking dynamically.  There are 2x new dlls
located in the /lib/ARCH folder which must accompany the BrainStem2.dll.

Mac users: Static linking will now require linking to Security.framework. 

Deprecations: The following items will be removed in the 2.11.0 release.
* PowerDeliveryClass::setRequestDataObject - removed irrelevant "partner" parameter.

Past Releases

Previous releases of the HubTool and BrainStem Development Kit can be found at Archived SDK Releases.


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