Acroname seeks to provide expertise and products for applications in embedded robotic, automation and control systems.


Acroname was founded in 1994 by Steve Richards. At the time, the science of robotics was in its infancy and the internet was not yet mainstream. Sourcing parts for projects was incredibly difficult: components could not easily be purchased in small quantities and interfaces were not documented well or even at all. Acroname aspired to make robotics easier. Acroname began sourcing parts in large quantities and making them available in small quantities through the first online robotics store. Acroname documented component interfaces and shipped components with examples, better enabling customers to use them.

With customer feedback in mind, Acroname designed the BrainStem: a microprocessor platform targeted to consumers and researchers. We then built a suite of complementary products, including motor drivers and connectors, to integrate with new sensors in the marketplace. 

Over the years, Acroname has incorporated BrainStem technology into top-quality Acroname and third-party products including consumer toys, engineering development and prototyping systems and manufacturing test automation systems.

Now, almost 20 years since our founding, our BrainStem technology encompasses a full suite of highly expandable hardware and software tools. BrainStem technology is currently deployed in OEM applications around the globe. In addition, our Engineering Services division has grown and expanded. By using BrainStem technology, our engineers can quickly iterate from prototypes to products for our customers.


We come from backgrounds as varied as the range of skills required to develop robots and run a business. Our staff have degrees in fine arts, computer science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, engineering physics and electrical engineering. Our team speaks three languages, has climbed 12a, run a 2:20 marathon, studied yoga in India, competed in the Olympic trials, traveled the country by bicycle, toured nationally in bands, built and rebuilt homes, and most importantly, established a world-reaching robotics technology company during the technology crash of the late 1990's. 

We don't give up very easily.

We work in an egalitarian workplace. The flat organizational structure allows for agile development paths and efficient cross-collaboration. Acroname thrives as a directed group of individual performers who communicate well to achieve any goal. We strongly believe that the moral and ethical choice is always the right choice, even if it is counter to the best business decision.

We care both about the global environment and our own working environment. The majority of our company commutes daily by bicycle, and we have and use company-wide regional bus passes. We make every effort to conform to the highest of environmental standards and take a long term vision of our impacts.