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Acroname at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas

Post date: 1 week 3 days ago
We'll be attending InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. Feel free to drop by for a chat or schedule a meeting with us beforehand.   */ */ */ Contact Acroname Name   Email   Subject   Message    Order/Invoice Number...

Acroname Joins Valens: Keeping the Same Amazing Products and Support You Expect.

Post date: 2 weeks 2 hours ago
We have some exciting news to share: Acroname has been acquired by Valens Semiconductor; this partnership is set to revolutionize the industrial USB market. We're entering a new era of growth and innovation by combining our unique USB solutions with Valens' cutting-edge semiconductor technology....

Activate DFU Mode on Multiple Apple Devices Simultaneously Using USBHUB3C

Post date: 2 weeks 4 days ago
Efficient Apple Device Management with USBHub3c Acroname’s USBHub3c industrial USB hub (with PD Logger add-on feature) can put attached Macs, iPads, and iPhones into DFU mode, allowing batch reflashing and reimaging. This tool is ideal for anyone who needs to manage a large number of Apple devices...

What's the Difference: USB-C vs Mini USB vs Micro USB

Post date: 1 month 3 weeks ago
For a format with "universal" in the name, USB can sometimes feel anything but with the variety of connectors and standards involved. Many in tech have hailed the recent shift towards USB-C as a standard connector as righting the ship and moving back towards simplicity. But for those of us who use...

USB-A vs. USB-C: Why the USB Wars Aren't Ending Anytime Soon

Post date: 2 months 1 week ago
The USB-C connector is newer and offers compatibility with higher USB standards than USB-A. Some might say it's a clear winner. However, we don't expect to see the original USB connector type disappear from the scene anytime soon. Here's our take on the direction of USB connection. We'll dive into...
Acroname screw-lock USB cables

Stay connected with Acroname’s Locking USB-C Cables!

Post date: 2 months 3 weeks ago
Unlock the Power of Secure Connections: Acroname’s Premium Locking USB-C Solutions Sometimes you really want your USB-C cables to stay put. Our screw-lock USB-C cables connect to devices that support single-screw locking like our USBHub3c USB-C hub.  Two versions are available: C49: screw lock...
USBHub3c rear panel view

Acroname USBHub3c & Extron Integration for Conference Room USB Control

Post date: 2 months 4 weeks ago
Need to control USB connections with your Extron room control system?  The Acroname USBHub3c supports Extron’s Simple Instruction Set over RS-232 serial with the addition of the Serial Control Feature license.  This lets you easily integrate USB hub control and monitoring into your Extron...

Advanced Control with USBHub3+: Managing Power and Data Connections

Post date: 3 months 4 days ago
More control than just on and off Enable and disable VBus, all Data, High Speed or Super Speed connections In addition to turning ports on and off, the USBHub3+ can also independently enable and disable Voltage and Data: Vbus All Data High Speed data (480 Mbps) Super Speed data (5 Gbps)...
USBHub3p front panel

Innovative Uses for Programmable USB Hubs in Technology and Industry

Post date: 3 months 4 days ago
Sometimes we hear from customers who have used our programmable USB hubs for unusual applications. Maybe one of these examples will help solve your problem! Dual-Hosting USB Storage Volumes  Imagine a scenario where one host machine directly boots from an OS image on an SSD or thumb drive, while...
USB Power measurement with Python and GUI

Power measurement with the USBHub3+ with HubTool or Brainstem API

Post date: 3 months 4 days ago
How to monitor voltage and power with the GUI or Python Among other properties, we can view: Per-port Voltage Per-port Current Input Voltage Input Current Measuring voltage and current with HubTool If you haven't already, install HubTool, which is part of the Brainstem Dev Kit. Power on...

Virtually plug and unplug your USB connections with the USBHub3+ and Python

Post date: 3 months 4 days ago
Did you unplug it and plug it back in? Turning ports on and off with Python It shouldn't have to happen, but sometimes you need to plug and unplug a USB device. Maybe the device needs to power cycle, maybe you need to enable devices one-by-one so they enumerate correctly.  Rather than having to...

Setting charging port modes on USBHub3+

Post date: 3 months 4 days ago
CDP, SDP, and DCP The USBHub3+ can set each of its downstream ports to several power modes to support a range of devices. The supported modes are part of BC1.2 USB charging specification: Port mode Mode description Condition Maximum current (device limited) SDP...


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