Life is irrational!

2020 March 14

While everyone knows that tau is the real answer and e is the underlying truth to all natural things, we will celebrate irrationally with $31.41 (10*pi) off a USBHub3+. The USBHub3+ is the world's only desktop, programmable, software controlled USB 3.1 hub. Some might say it is irrational to make USB, which was designed to be hot-pluggable, have a software controlled on/off feature. However, it turns out to be super helpful for regression testing, battery cycle testing, and reseting devices which are misbehaving. And of course you can use it just watch how much current your devices consume. Use C++, C#, .NET, LabVIEW or python to control and monitor your USB hub.

Use coupon code pi-is-real-2020 from March 14-16, 2020. Extended through March 18, 2020!!!

Happy pi day!


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