YDLIDAR G4 Rotating LIDAR Distance Sensor with USB

  • YDLIDAR G4 Rotating LIDAR Distance Sensor
  • YDLIDAR G4 with cable and plate
  • YDLIDAR G4 in a hand
  • Exploded view of YDLIDAR G4
  • YDLIDAR G4 distance chart
  • YDLIDAR G4 features
MAPPING AND AVOIDING OBSTACLES: The YDLIDAR G4 is a 360º laser range scanner (LIDAR). With both a USB Type-C and PH2.0-5P bus interface, this YDLIDAR sensor runs off of 5V and uses a brushless motor drive to scan at a sampling frequency of 9000 readings per second up to 16m (52.4ft) distances.

YDLIDAR also has a user-friendly software interface and point cloud map to quickly get up and running.