Is your USB Hub reliable?

2017 June 9
USB Hub ESD Event Handling Illustration

At Acroname, we take ESD seriously.

We recently partnered with the team at Pragma Design (, a leader in ESD analysis and solutions, to improve ESD event handling of the USBHub3+ 8-port Programmable USB 3.0 Hub.




Pragma Design's advanced current reconstruction mapping technology is shown here, visually illustrating energy dissipation from a direct ESD discharge event to one of the ports on USBHub3+:

Pragma Designs current reconstruction of an ESD event on USBHub3+


After these ESD improvements, we went back to the ESD certification lab to re-test compliance to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD event handling. After passing the IEC Level 4 ESD test, our engineers asked to continue in MythBusters fashion - to see how much ESD the USBHub3+ could tolerate until it failed. The technicians in that lab said we had "reached the maximum capability of their equipment". Needless to say, we were quite happy with the results...

This is just one of the tools that Acroname engineers used to make USBHub3+ a tool you can trust for your lab or manufacturing line.