MTM Basics

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MTM Basics

Introduction to Module Functionality

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Voltage Measurement

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Current Measurement

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Programmable Power Supply

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USB and Serial Communication

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Digital IO Logic Control

S77 Test Fixture

MTM Basics

MTM is a manufacturing test engineering architecture with a wide range of functionality. This functionality can be mixed and matched by selecting the relevant MTM modules, then interfaced with using the BrainStem API.

There's no minimum configuration for our manufacturing test modules — each MTM module can be used in stand-alone system or as part of a multi-module system.

A host link is created with a single MTM module over USB or Ethernet. Any configuration of additional MTM modules can then be connected over an I2C BrainStem network

Reverse-polarity Protected

Self Current-limiting

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Short-circuit Protected

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ESD Protected to ±15kV