LightWare LW20 100m LIDAR Laser Range Sensor

  • LightWare LW20/C (100m)
  • LightWare LW20 (100m) Size Comparison
The LW20/C is a small form factor, 100-meter range, laser sensor in an IP67 enclosure suitable for small drones and self-driving vehicles, where weight, size and power consumption are critical. The LW20/C includes driver hardware and software to control a servo-driven LiDAR scanner for sense-and-avoid applications. 

The LW20 is a small form factor, water resistant LiDAR sensor that measures the distance to objects by timing a laser flash.

Accuracy is not generally affected by the colour or texture of the target surface, nor the angle of incidence of the laser beam.

The LW20 is tolerant to changes in background lighting conditions, wind and noise.

South Africa