Mobile Diagnostics System blog post

2015 June 20
Mobile Diagnostics System

Today's mobile devices continue to integrate more features and functions into ever smaller packages. Features usually win over battery life during the design phase. In order to help quantify and develop test methods, Acroname was contracted by a major cellphone manufacturer to design a mobile diagnostic system for cellphones. The system was designed to directly replace a standard cellphone battery and fit inside the battery compartment. The system recorded user activity and battery current draw. The recorded data could be downloaded over a BlueTooth connection to a computer or mobile device. The system could also stream user data over a BlueTooth connection in real time. As an intelligent wireless ammeter, the system was deemed WiAmp.

By utilizing and building on top of the BrainStem ecosystem, the WiAmp system was conceptualized, developed and shipped to Acroname's customer in under 3 months. WiAmp enabled our customer to develop highly accurate user activity models as well as high precision measurements of actual current requirements for various subsystems on a modern smartphone.

Acroname Mobile Test Diagnostic System in mobile phone