Scaling MTM functional fixtures - so easy our intern can do it

2020 March 10

Replication of testing environments is a known challenge in the Functional Circuit Test world. Wiring an FCT fixture using wire wrap can take hours, and the validation of a tester itself, to ensure simple continuity and function, can take days. Anyone setting up a fixture-based test bench or rack-mounted solution knows this pain, felt in terms of time and frustration (or worse, unreliable results).

MTM disrupts that model via its simplicity and modularity. MTM, when implemented as a functional fixture, such as in an Ingun enclosure, can be replicated quickly and easily. More importantly, these fixtures are also very repeatably scaled, and can immediately be trusted to give quality results.

The magic behind these MTM-enabled fixtures is our Test Point Carrier Board (TPCB), a specially designed PCBA with pogos to provide board-level FCT. In addition to the pogos to interface with a board, the TPCB also holds connectors to host the MTM test modules. Acroname offers a utility to MTM customers to speed the design of the TPCB, and we can help you work with manufacturers to create the actual board. Another output from this TPCB design utility are vector files, useful for machining the pogo mask holding the DUT.  We can also introduce you to partners to select and machine the appropriate fixture for your needs. All of this support is provided at no additional cost, as amenities to help you best use our instrumentation.

Today, we built 3 new testers, used to validate our S77 USB hub product. Our logistics intern Jackson completed three complete testers in a few hours, and these testers are ready to use.

Let us know if you are interested in learning about MTM’s speed, repeatability, and ease of use, for your testing environment.

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