Learn how to mitigate battery swelling in mobile device labs

2023 May 2

Large fleets of lithium polymer (LiPo) battery-powered devices are deployed in device labs for software testing. These dense arrays of devices are typically powered over USB and connected continuously for long periods of time, often years. Maintaining batteries at a fully charged state can result in swelling battery packs, device failure, and even cause fires. This paper describes the specific causes of device battery swelling and failure, and how to mitigate using Acroname programmable USB hubs.

Learn the best practices to prevent battery swelling of mobile phones and tablets which are alway connected to power.


We struggle to keep old devices running and available; we've gone as far as "rationing" access to them for testing. You've shown that we can not only ration access, but we can essentially plan for the mobile device lifespan. Powerful!

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