Real time remote room management

ControlRoom empowers you to remotely enable, disable, monitor, and reset USB ports in connected conference rooms. With this capability, you can resolve numerous issues that would typically demand a 'physical' reset, all without leaving the comfort of your office chair.

laptop running ControlRoom with Acroname hub attached

ControlRoom enables:

  • Simplify design using system recipes tailored to you.
  • Streamline deployment with the convenience of reviewing installation recipes.
  • Enhance maintenance through system self-healing features designed for you.
  • Facilitate support with remote debugging and seamless device manipulation.
  • Achieve smoother debugging and improved security with device and host telemetry at your fingertips.


usb tree validation

Deploy by Design

Save, load, and compare USB system maps. Quickly identify issues in an installation. Ensure all installations precisely match the design or across multiple rooms.

quick charge diagram

Remote USB Device Monitoring

Get a real-time view of all the connected USB devices on your system. The intuitive interface lists all active USB connections, including device type, manufacturer, connection status, and more. Easily identify and manage your peripherals, storage devices, and other USB-connected hardware.

PD logging UI

Performance Analysis

Assess the performance of your USB devices with detailed analytics. Diagnose speed issues, connectivity issues, bad USB cables, and other performance metrics with just a few clicks.

Absolute Device Privacy

Make sure what goes on in the conference room stays in the conference room. Ensure all camera, microphone, and recording devices are completely disabled when not in use.

Device Management

Take charge of USB device connectivity remotely, including 'burp' cycles. Seamlessly integrate ControlRoom with your existing system management tools like Teams, ZoomRoom, and Q-SYS. Enjoy complete control over both USB devices and other system components.

PD logging UI

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from expert technical support, regular updates, and an extensive knowledge base to ensure uninterrupted and optimal usage.

ControlRoom's user-centric interface simplifies complex installations, integrates with video conferencing platforms like MS Teams, and enables efficient troubleshooting and self-healing. Save snapshots for later use. Contact us or download to get started today!