Acroname Announces World's First Programmable USB 3.0 Hub

2016 September 7
Programmable Industrial USB 3.0 Hub

BOULDER, Colo.--()--Acroname, a leading producer of embedded automation and manufacturing test platforms, has announced the launch of the USBHub3+, an 8-port programmable USB 3.0 hub which is optimized for manufacturing and development environments.

USBHub3+ is bringing a new level of functionality and flexibility to USB 3.0 tools available to engineers today.Tweet this

"The USBHub3+ is building on the success and flexibility of our currently shipping programmable USB hub products," said Lance Davies, Director of Sales for Acroname. "We have listened carefully to our customers and added support for USB SuperSpeed 5Gbps, port expandability as well as an independent control port. With USBHub3+, engineers will finally have unprecedented control of USB in their manufacturing and development environments."

The USBHub3+ gives engineers full control over USB ports in their systems. Up to 8 ports can be controlled through software to enable or disable individual ports, set current limits and monitor current and voltage on each port. An additional USB 3.0 port is provided to expand to multiple hubs when larger port counts are necessary. Acroname's flexible BrainStem® technology and elegant API is used to control the USBHub3+. An open-source GUI is provided or customers can use C, C++ or Python to interface with the BrainStem APIs. The USBHub3+ is designed by manufacturing engineers and with specific considerations to address reliability for manufacturing environments, such as withstanding up to +/-30kV ESD strikes.

"Our 20-years of expertise in embedded automation and control systems continues to drive our roadmap into the functional test market. The USBHub3+ is just one example of how Acroname is shifting the functional test paradigm and tools available to manufacturing test engineers. We are very excited about the new capabilities that USBHub3+ will bring to our customers as we continue to grow our BrainStem-enabled product family," said Acroname CEO Justin Gregg.

About Acroname

Boulder-based Acroname designs, develops and distributes products for applications in automated manufacturing, embedded robotic and control systems. Founded in 1994, Acroname's BrainStem® technology provides highly modular and scalable hardware and software tools used in OEM applications around the world. Over 400,000 BrainStem powered devices are deployed in the field today, testing some of the world's largest volume consumer products. BrainStem technology serves as the foundation within a number of products including Acroname's MTM (Manufacturing Test Modules) and Programmable USB Hub available in the company's comprehensive online store. For more information, please visit:



Lance Davies, 720-564-0373