Easily Add BYOD 4K Camera Switching to Your Conference Room with Acroname’s USB Hub3+

2022 October 7

Acroname’s USBHub3+ is the perfect solution for setting up an ID10T-proof BYOD conference room setup.

In the attached video, we break out how simple the USBHub3+ is to use as the center of your conference room setup. 

Included are the basics of a BYOD conference room setup.

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Full Transcript: Hi, This is Lance from Acroname.

Today we're going to talk to you about adding BYOD 4K camera switching to your conference room.

If you didn't know about Acroname, we're a manufacturer of USB control management and switching products and we're based right here in the US - in Boulder, Colorado.Everything that we sell that's Acroname products manufactured right here in Boulder.

And so today we're going to show you one of the products that makes USB switching for conference room super easy, which is the USB Hub Three Plus.

This is an 8-port hub and it has two USB host connections on the back. One thing you'll notice about these is these are USB 3.0.

So this is super simple to add 4K camera switching to your conference room that provides excellent image quality.

Let's see how simple it is to set up BYOD switching | 4K Wireless Presentation Switcher

First thing we're going to do is take the Hub3+, we're going to power it with the included power adapter right here. And you can see the hub powering on.

Next thing we're going to do is plug in this laptop, which is like our MTR host and a camera into one of the front ports on the hub.

Now you should see the camera come up on the MTR host or in-room host, that's resident in the room.

The next thing we're going to do, we're going to plug a BYOD machine cable into the up zero port on the USB Hub Three Plus. When we do that, first we'll plug in to the back of the Hub Three Plus.

And the customer in the conference room will probably have a pigtail USB cable available.

And when we plug in the BYOD host, the USBHub3+ will transfer all of the attached peripherals to the up zero connection, which is our BYOD host.

So we plug in here. Now we should see the Logitech camera transfer over to the BYOD host.

When the client is done with the conference room, done with the camera, done with the meeting, they can simply unplug their host machine, go about their business, and now we should see the camera return back to the in room host.

Just that simple.

And this can happen over and over again, very reliably.

If you want to learn a little bit more about Acroname or the USBHub3+, reach out to us anytime at sales@Acroname.com.

Thanks very much.

Have a good day.




For more details about the USBHub3+, visit the product page.

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