In-field calibration verification - now available for the MTM-DAQ-2

2020 March 10

Trusted, calibrated equipment is a big deal for our customers. MTM customers are already aware of the DAQ-2 module’s extensive, accurate, precise calibration, as well as our ability to provide certificates of NIST traceable calibration, available at either the time of purchase or as a renewal service for DAQ’s removed from service and sent back to Acroname. This calibration allows for our customers to trust the DAQ-2’s 16 channels of bi-polar differential inputs at 16-bit resolution with ranges as low as +/-64mV and as wide as +/-10.24V.


But, what happens to that calibration once the DAQ has been in service for months or years? As part of the standard maintence procedure, equipment used in many production processes require re-certificaiton. While Acroname's MTM hardware is designed to be robust against significant drift throughout its useable lifespan, to enable our custoemers to follow re-certification procedures without needing to return modules to Acroname, we now offer a MTM-DAQ-2 Verification Tester. The MTM-DAQ-2 Verification Tester is designed to be used by our customers and will simply verify that MTM-DAQ-2 modules at that site are working perfectly and within their specifications.



Our customers tell us that the price of the MTM-DAQ-2 modules, like the rest of MTM, disrupts the FCT industry by being so inexpensive considering the density of measurement capability they provide. When combined with the MTM-DAQ-2 Verification Tester, a manufacturing process can stay running with minimal downtime even through a re-certification cycle without needing dozens of pieces of spare equipment. The modularity of the MTM system allows for in-system MTM-DAQ-2 modules to be swapped within seconds. Modules can then be re-certified with the MTM-DAQ-2 Verification Tester, and returned to service in a matter of minutes.


If for some reason a module fails re-certification, they can be sent back to Acroname for recalibration and, if desired, a fresh NIST traceable certification.


This arrangement allows our customers, for a fraction of the cost of traditional DAQ systems, to enjoy almost perfect uptime with their otherwise lights-out MTM testing environment while maintaining all-important traceable calibration certifiaciton.


As we collaborate with our customers to create new solutions that solve old problems in better and novel ways, these fun stories are exciting to share.


Please let us know if you’d like to learn more!



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