MTM-DAQ-2: 16-Channel Analog DAQ Module

  • MTM-DAQ-2: 16-Channel Analog DAQ Module
PRECISION ANALOG MEASUREMENTS: The MTM 16-Channel MTM-DAQ-2 Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module is engineered for precision measurements of analog voltages in manufacturing or R&D testing. 
  • 14 channels of differential bipolar analog inputs with individually adjustable ranges between +/-640mV and +/-10.24 and 16-bit ADC resolution. 2 differential inputs have individually adjustable ranges between +/-64mV and +/-10.24V. 
  • Two 12-bit analog DAC outputs are also made available with selectable ranges of 0-2.048V, 0-4.096V or +/- 10.24V. Precision voltage measurements can be made through the powerful and cross-platform BrainStem API.
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