"Simply the best USB 3.0 hub on the market."

2016 November 25

Acroname Testimonial for the Best USB 3 Hub

Come take a look at what customers are saying about Acroname's USBHub3+. We are excited to share this 5-star review of USBHub3+ on Amazon, written by an Acroname customer who was looking for a high-reliability USB 3.0 hub for their medical product:

"Simply the best USB 3.0 hub on the market. This unit was extensively tested for use in a mission critical health care telemedical application against competing products such as Tripp-Lite U360-007-IND.
Under basic load testing the Tripp-Lite, Dlink and Anker products failed at LESS than the rated capacity, in contrast the Acroname product withstood 4A per channel, over 200% higher output than the other devices under test.
Several attractive features exist:
1. The ability to control current limits on a per port basis.
2. Each port can be set to a specific function such as charge only (no data) or USB 2.0/3.0 only; this comes in handy when you want to have a device such as a cell phone only charge and not be mounted by the operating system.
3. Remote On/Off for the ports, helps in remote access situations when a device is locked up; most hubs stay on.
4. Graphical representation of power use (voltage and current).
5. Per port (USB signal) voltage increase feature to compensate for drop in long cables; allows for trimming so the end device gets exactly (USB signal strength it needs), a must for sensitive devices such as speakerphones.
6. Upstream and downstream USB ports for maximum throughput; ideal for video conferencing hardware such as Inogeni and USB cameras.
7. Over -/+15kV ESD protection for industrial use; most applications that allow for humans to touch the gear are susceptible to electrostatic shocks created by static picked up from carpet or tile, these small zaps can destroy sensitive chipsets.
8. Solid steel housing is easily mountable in and is DIN rail compliant; for CNC machines or harsh environments this unit stands out, most of the other units tested are plastic which do not allow for heat to escape.

The engineering and sales staff are top notch, we reached a real receptionist and where immediately routed to a live person. In follow up calls with their engineering staff they topped out my 30 years of electronics design experience in a no-nonsense polite manner without ego. In short they know their product and the market and have added every feature and protective measure feasible into this design.

A picture of the test rig is attached, each channel was independently loaded. Both the shipping 12V 5A 60W power brick and an external supply were used in testing. Temperatures of the casing where taken at various loads.
I don't work for this company and we paid full boat for our test units, many reviews are skewed by free products which is not the case here. My strong recommendation is to buy this unit as it will not only perform but last a lifetime."