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2024 March 27
Acroname screw-lock USB cables

Unlock the Power of Secure Connections: Acroname’s Premium Locking USB-C Solutions

Sometimes you really want your USB-C cables to stay put. Our screw-lock USB-C cables connect to devices that support single-screw locking like our USBHub3c USB-C hub.  Two versions are available:

Key Features for Unmatched Performance

  • Length: 1 m
  • Maximum power: 100 W USB PD (20 V at 5 A)
  • Maximum data rate: 10 Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 per lane, for a combined speed of up to 20 Gbps
  • Knurled thumbscrew with slot for tool or tool-less installation

Commitment to Standards: USB-IF Compliant Locking Connectors

We follow the USB-IF standard for locking connectors, so you can be sure that our cables will work with all compliant single-screw ports. When using critical equipment that does not currently support screw lock connections, it may be worth adding a threaded insert or tapped hole if the case material and geometry allow.

Applications That Benefit from Locking USB-C Cables

Manufacturing Test Environments

At the end of the production line, devices are plugged in to flash firmware and run test scripts. The last thing you want is to lose production time debugging a partially unplugged USB cable, or figuring out if someone put it back on the wrong port.  Use the single-ended locking cable to keep the hub side fixed while the non-locking end is free to easily unplug devices.

Video Production Excellence

Our cables lock to professional video cameras like the Black Magic Studio Camera series and their URSA mini SSD enclosure for when you absolutely can't miss the shot because of a loose connection.

Industrial Cameras and Computer Vision

While the computer vision and industrial camera space is still dominated by legacy USB 3 micro B connectors, the USB3 Vision standard has been revised to include screw locking USB type C connectors. The newest cameras like Imaging Source 38U are adding locking Type C support, and we expect this trend to continue as device designs are updated.

Conference Room A/V Reliability

Minimize support calls and keep your equipment connected. Locking ports are integrated into newer pro A/V devices like the Lightware Taurus UCX matrix switcher. For huddle rooms, keep one end of the BYOD cable secured to the USBHub3c to make sure it stays with the room.

USB Compliance Testing

Locking USB-C support is being added to the newest test equipment.  Keep your test lab rig cabled up and ready to use.  

Stay Plugged In with Acroname 

Anywhere you need your USB-C connections to stay put, our locking cables can help!

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