MTM-DEV-2 Breakout Board

  • MTM-DEV-2 Breakout Board
  • MTM-DEV-2 Breakout Board top view
  • MTM-DEV-2 Breakout Board showing example MTM modules installed
FAST INTEGRATION: The MTM-DEV-2 Breakout Board is the quickest way to effectively integrate MTM instrumentation in your production tester or bench system. It allows wire-wraps or ribbon cables to directly attach to MTM modules for quick deployment of in-wire-wrapped testers. 
  • Provides easy wiring or probe access MTM module resources.
  • Customize test solutions using 3 MTM policy-free slots
  • DC power input (typically 6-12VDC) from a 2.5mm DC jack or wire-screw blocks. 
  • Each module connector has an area for labels to identify specific modules and pinout assignments in your system. 
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