MTM-EtherStem: Ethernet Microcontroller Module

  • MTM-EtherStem: Ethernet Microcontroller Module
SIMPLIFY INTERFACING: The MTM-Ether-Stem allows communication between host-based applications and any MTM module on the BrainStem bus. Designed for test direction, control, data collection, or loading reflex programs. 
  • 3 analog-to-digital inputs and 1 digital-to-analog output at 12-bit resolution; and 15 general purpose digital inputs/outputs
  • 1 I2C FM+ (1 Mbit/s) (used as the BrainStem bus); 1 I2C FM (400 kbit/s)
  • 1 TCP/IP Ethernet port (100 Mbit/s)
  • 6V to 12V DC input power; 3.3V input/output voltage
  • All input/outputs protected up to 12V input

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