Acroname USBHub3c & Extron Integration for Conference Room USB Control

2024 March 21
USBHub3c rear panel view

Need to control USB connections with your Extron room control system?  The Acroname USBHub3c supports Extron’s Simple Instruction Set over RS-232 serial with the addition of the Serial Control Feature license.  This lets you easily integrate USB hub control and monitoring into your Extron conference room system.  

Supported commands


  • Change upstream (host-facing) port
  • Enable/disable ports


  • Get current upstream (host-facing) port
  • Get connection status of all ports
  • Get hub part / product number
  • Get firmware version
  • Get enabled / disabled status of an individual port

For more details, see the serial RS-232 section of our API Documentation

What could you use it for?

Touchpad control (e.g. Extron TouchLink Pro)

Use GUI Configurator to build interfaces to:

  • Select hosts:  switch between BYOD and multiple conference room PCs
  • Connect / disconnect cameras and A/V equipment

Occupancy sensor control:

Use Global Configurator to create scripts that:

  • Automatically connect a USB device when someone first enters the conference room
  • Preemptively reset USB devices when the conference room is unoccupied during the middle of the night 

Remote monitoring and reset 

Use Global Configurator and Viewer to remotely:

  • Reset stuck devices or enable and disable USB ports
  • Check connection status of all ports

Serial wiring

  • Connect Serial RS-232 Expansion Connector Accessory (Included with your Serial control feature license)  to the USBHub3C's expansion connector to provide screw terminals for RX, TX, GND, and Shield.  
  • On the Extron controller, connect to the RS-232 port using the appropriate pluggable captive screw connector (RX to TX, TX to RX, GND to GND)
    • Use a shielded cable like Belden 9925
    • Only connect the shield on one end
  • If using a single Touchlink pro pad without an external control processor, the TouchLink Control Port Expansion Adapter provides screw terminals for two RS-232 ports

Serial configuration

USBHub3c serial configuration defaults to:

  • RS-232 enabled
  • 9600 Baud
  • Extron protocol

Extron devices typically default to 9600 Baud, but if another rate is needed, it can be set using HubTool in the System tab:


In this YouTube clip, Acroname Principal Engineer Grant Fritz shows how to control USBHub3c by sending Extron serial messages from CoolTerm on a PC.

For a more general discussion of RS-232 control for USBHub3c in conference rooms, see this blog post.

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