Getting Started with MTM

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MTM Getting Started

Implementing MTM

Get Up and Running with MTM in 10 Minutes or Less

Manufacturing test engineers face many challenges today. Implementing a functional test (FCT) plan involves integration of several different measurement and interface tools, software packages, and licenses. Acroname's MTM instrumentation takes the frustration out of this process as one of the simplest and easiest instrumentation tools available.

MTM Evaluation

The simplest way to get started with MTM is to try out an evaluation kit.

Instructions for bringing up an MTM Evaluation Kit can be found here:

Getting Started with MTM (1 of 2): Hardware

PDF Version

HTML Version

Getting Started with MTM (2 of 2): Software

PDF Version

HTML Version

Acroname's engineers also do a video walk-through in real-time, performing a "bring up" of the MTM Evaluation Kit in less than 10 minutes. The walkthrough includes:

  • Making a BrainStem host connection to MTM modules 
  • Updating MTM module firmware
  • Using BrainStem APIs and StemTool to perform some simple test and measurement operations using MTM modules



MTM Test Fixtures

Wire-free Fixture
Wire-wrap Fixture

Wire-free Fixture Design

Replicating reliable testers is no longer a challenge. Integrate MTM into your fixture with a custom Test-Point Carrier Board (TPCB).

Scaling your production testers is as easy as ordering more TPCBs.

Follow along as Acroname engineers walk through the mechanics of creating an integrated test fixture:

Test Fixture Design Using MTM

Wireless Testers using MTM

Wired Fixture Design

Rapidly prototype and deploy an MTM-based automated test systems using traditional wire and cabling methods.

Prefer wire-based testers? No problem.

Breakout boards like MTM-DEV-2 make it easy to build wire-based testers. Wire test probes to MTM modules using headers, cables or screw terminals.

MTM Breakout Board

Wiring to MTM