MTM-PM-1: 1-Channel DC Power Module

  • MTM-PM-1: 1-Channel DC Power Module
EXCELS AT POWER:  The MTM-PM11 1: Channel DC Power Module excels at powering devices that need stable power under large transient loads during manufacturing and R&D testing. Optimized for devices using LiPo or similar batteries. Accurate voltage, temperature and current measurements can be made through the powerful and cross-platform BrainStem API.
  • Software-control voltage and current limits; output from 1.8 to 5.0 DC  (50µV resolution); Up to 3A continuous current handling; Output voltage better than 1 percent precision
  • Current measurement with 50µA resolution from 0 to 3.3A; Input voltage from 6.0 to 12.0VDC
  • Excellent load transient response (<1% droop at 28µs from 2A transient)
  • Simple USB and I2C interface
  • Powerful BrainStem programming API
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